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Aldi’s Kevin the Carrot alcohol advert banned for inappropriately appealing to children
Image February 22, 2018 food

Aldi's Christmas advert starring Kevin the Carrot might have been the UK's favourite festive ad in 2017, but the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has an entirely different opinion on the cute character. Although at first glance you'd struggle to see what could possibly be inappropriate about a cutesy talking carrot, the ASA has ruled that one Christmas advert

The low-cost mini satellites bringing mobile to the world
February 22, 2018 technology

Large chunks of the planet are still of out of reach of mobile phone signals – that’s about four billion people without access to digital communications. But this could change thanks to shrinking satellite sizes and costs.

Two Aurora brothers landed dream “Hamilton” roles, but only one is coming to Denver for the premiere
Image February 22, 2018 Entertainment

Gregory and Mathenee Treco moved with their family from Nassau, Bahamas to Aurora when they were kids — Gregory was 13 and Mathanee 6 — and grew up in Colorado before leaving to chase their show-business dreams.

This cheese Easter egg beats chocolate any day
Image February 21, 2018 food

While we're usually champions of having chocolate in and around our mouths at all times, it's a different kind of Easter egg that's grabbed our attention this year – a cheese one. So you can keep your Cadbury (actually maybe we'll have both) because Asda are really bringing home the bacon dairy, after launching a solid cheese Easter egg

An easy trick to line your cake tin like a pro
Image February 21, 2018 food

Let's face it, lining a cake tin is by far everyone's least favourite part of baking. It can be fiddly, messy and down right irritating. But thankfully Cher Loh, Head Tutor at the Good Housekeeping Institute Cookery School has shown us a pretty nifty trick to get it right everytime. And it simply involves us

M&S is selling chocolate peanut butter liqueur
Image February 21, 2018 food

Marks & Spencer has released chocolate and peanut flavoured liqueur – and it’s just what our drinks cabinet has been missing all this time.   The drink, which the brand has called Chocolate & Peanut Cream, is described on the M&S website as “A delicious chocolate and peanut flavoured liqueur made with fresh dairy Irish

Rinaldi: At DAM’s blockbuster Degas exhibit, genius proves both a blessing and burden
Image February 21, 2018 Entertainment

“Degas: A Passion for Perfection” is a blockbuster show in spite of itself, a must-see that does its homework and serves up plenty for others.

This dreamy gin Easter egg comes with a miniature bottle of Rhubarb and Ginger liqueur
Image February 21, 2018 food

Gin and chocolate; two of the best pairings, right? Well just feast your eyes on this… Likely to be top of your Easter list, this seriously dreamy chocolate egg comes complete with a miniature bottle of Rhubarb and Ginger Liqueur. Gone are the days when you'd get a little bag of fruit jellies or chocolate buttons

The first Whole Foods mac and cheese bar: We tried 8 kinds in 1 night so you don’t have to
Image February 20, 2018 Entertainment

There’s been a lot of . During the first 36 hours that the store was , hungry mac and cheese lovers devoured 1,500 pounds of the gooey goodness. After three weeks, 15,000 pounds had been sold.

The common error that can ruin your cup of tea
Image February 20, 2018 food

There’s always plenty of debate about how to make the perfect cup of tea, from how long you should brew it for, to whether milk should go in first or last.   But have you ever stopped to think about whether your kettle is ruining the taste of your cuppa?   Or more importantly, what’s