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Why spending time outdoors could help your child’s eyesight
December 27, 2017 technology

Kids seem to spend endless hours on smartphones, games consoles, computers and tablets these days.Playing on electronic devices certainly doesn’t help their waistlines, but do you ever wonder what regular device use is doing to their eyesight?

Charlie Brooker: Expect the most varied series of Black Mirror yet
December 26, 2017 technology

Black Mirror started its life as a three-part series on Channel 4, and by the time its second season hit screens it had attracted a cult following in the UK.

‘We should own our own livelihood and our own dream’
December 24, 2017 technology

Tanusree Chaudhuri, 34, was pregnant with her first child when her supervisor told her she would have to give up her dreams.

How did music producer Gramatik raise $2m in 24 hours?
Image December 24, 2017 technology

Rows between artists, managers and their record labels often become the stuff of music legend, but does blockchain technology mean that musicians could soon just deal directly with their fans – and keep far more profit for themselves?

Lock out: The Austrian hotel that was hacked four times
December 23, 2017 technology

The internet of things (IoT) promises many advantages – smart cities with integrated transport systems, for instance – but it comes with a significantly increased cybersecurity risk. So how should we be tackling this new threat?

Buy food for the family or pay to see a doctor?
Image December 23, 2017 technology

Buying food for the whole family or paying for a doctor to see one child? Paying for your children to use a toilet facility or buying much needed medicines for yourself? These are some of the choices facing mothers living in Kenya’s slums.