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Four things we learnt from this year’s Detroit car show
January 16, 2018 technology

Car companies displayed the latest trucks and electric vehicles at the North American Auto Show in Detroit, Michigan this week.

CES 2018: Longer-lasting gadgets showcased
January 15, 2018 technology

Spare a thought for the attendees of the CES tech show who decided to briefly leave their phones in charging towers.

Firms buy insurance ‘in mad panic’ as cyber-attacks soar
Image January 15, 2018 technology

With cyber-attacks increasing in frequency and severity, many companies are turning to insurance to cover their mounting losses. But can insurers quantify the risk accurately and could insurance lead to corporate complacency?

CES 2018: Were robots more than a gimmick at the tech show?
Image January 14, 2018 technology

If you’ve ever wanted a robot to do the vacuuming, then the CES tech show has something for you.The Aeolus robot is designed to perform a range of household tasks – including mopping floors, rearranging furniture and putting away dishes.

CES 2018: Amazon Alexa v Google Assistant fight gets fierce
January 12, 2018 technology

If victory belongs to whoever’s virtual assistant can interact with the most unlikely range of household appliances, then Amazon has already won.

Will Cape Town be the first city to run out of water?
Image January 11, 2018 technology

Cape Town, home to Table Mountain, African penguins, sunshine and sea, is a world-renowned tourist destination. But it could also become famous for being the first major city in the world to run out of water.

CES 2018: A clunky chat with Sophia the robot
Image January 10, 2018 technology

Sophia the robot is a celebrity in its own right.It has been on chat shows, given speeches and was even made a citizen of Saudi Arabia.

CES 2018: When will AI deliver for humans?
January 9, 2018 technology

In Las Vegas this week you can learn a lot about the exciting potential of artificial intelligence. You can also be left wondering whether AI is a triumph of marketing, yet to deliver real improvements to the economy and the way we live.

CES 2018: Black Box VR wants to make gamers fit
January 9, 2018 technology

Start-up Black Box VR has developed a full-body workout in the form of a 30-minute virtual reality experience.

Forget Bitcoin – now Dogecoin goes wild
January 9, 2018 technology

You know an investment is somewhat unconventional when the Know Your Meme website is the main source of background information.