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We Should Trust Venezuela Over Ottawa In Their Dispute
Image December 30, 2017 politics

Lying is so common in diplomacy that it can be hard to tell heads from tails in international disputes. In the recent tussle between Caracas, the capital city of Venezuela, and Ottawa, for instance, Venezuela says it is trying to protect itself from foreign “interference,” while Canada claims it is promoting “democracy and human rights.” Given the ever-present possibility of a complete disregard for truth on both sides, which government might be more credible in this instance?

Newly Raised Provincial Carbon Tax Will Help Economy: Alberta NDP
Image December 30, 2017 politics

EDMONTON — Alberta’s carbon tax jumped on New Year’s Day, but the province’s NDP government maintains the tax played a vital role in Alberta’s improving economic outlook.

Veterans Affairs Minister Seamus O'Regan Shares What LGBT Apology Means To Him
Image December 29, 2017 politics

OTTAWA — Moments after Prime Minister Justin Trudeau apologized on behalf of Ottawa for decades of discrimination against the LGBTQ community, Veterans Affairs Minister Seamus O’Regan emerged from the House of Commons.

Canada 150 Year Was A Success Despite Ups And Downs: Heritage Minister Melanie Joly
Image December 28, 2017 politics

OTTAWA — Heritage Minister Melanie Joly is the first to acknowledge Canada 150 had its share of ups and downs.

Pro-Palestinian Groups Are The Real Victims Of Campus Censorship
Image December 25, 2017 politics

This past year, we witnessed weeks of hand-wringing over student concerns with the actions of University of Toronto professor Jordan Peterson, followed by an outcry over the Lindsay Shepherd incident at Wilfrid Laurier University. Yet amidst this widespread conversation about free speech and academic freedom, there has been a glaring blind spot: the repression of pro-Palestinian activism.

I'm Proud That Feminism Is The New Vision Behind Canada's Foreign Aid
Image December 25, 2017 politics

It is July and I am in Ghana. I am sitting under a mango tree in Punyoro — an impoverished community in the upper east — talking to 16 women farmers and entrepreneurs. I listen in rapt silence as each woman shares her story of personal transformation.

I Believe That 2018 Will Bring Optimism And Decency Back To Politics
Image December 24, 2017 politics

This year has been a gut punch. If we’re being honest, it started with the presidential inauguration and has veered steadily downhill since. One can’t help but feel like the world has become more sinister with a constant air of unease and anxiety. Truthfully, this has all largely been fuelled by the constant maelstrom that is our 24-hour news cycle. As 2017 limps towards the finish line, we are left with an important unanswered question: where has our decency gone?

Denial Has Trapped Ontario Health Care In A Cycle Of Constant Crisis
Image December 24, 2017 politics

The last two weeks in England were a gruelling and informative start to my Masters in Health Economics, Policy and Management at the London School of Economics. As I flew over Ontario, I looked out the window… and remembered.

Ronald Smith, Canadian On Death Row In U.S., Has 'Reformed His Life': Feds
Image December 24, 2017 politics

CALGARY — The federal government says a Canadian who has been on death row in the United States for more than three decades should be granted clemency because he has “reformed his life” and received poor legal counsel when he was convicted.

Canada Moves To Expel Venezuelan Diplomat As Tensions Mount
Image December 23, 2017 politics

OTTAWA — Canada is moving to expel a Venezuelan diplomat from the country and strip his credentials in retaliation after his Canadian counterpart was kicked out of the South American nation.