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Men Need To Step Up To Fight Sexual Misconduct On Parliament Hill: Nathan Cullen
Image January 5, 2018 politics

OTTAWA — Male MPs must help to usher in a culture change on Parliament Hill and combat sexual misconduct, says veteran NDP MP Nathan Cullen, who is looking to work with colleagues of all stripes to address inappropriate behaviour often viewed as a “public secret.”

Donald Trump Just Called Himself 'A Very Stable Genius'
January 4, 2018 politics

President Donald Trump hit back at critics who have questioned his mental stability by branding himself a “very stable genius” on Saturday morning.

Lynn Beyak Rejects Andrew Scheer's Requests To Remove 'Racist' Letter
Image January 2, 2018 politics

OTTAWA — Opposition Leader Andrew Scheer says controversial Sen. Lynn Beyak has been removed from the Conservative Party caucus after refusing to remove a “racist” comment from her website.

Once-In-A-Generation Tax Reform Isn't The Best Path To Fairness
Image January 2, 2018 politics

On the same day that Minister of Finance Bill Morneau clarified the federal government’s proposals to limit “income sprinkling” as a way for high-income owners of private companies to reduce their taxes, the Senate Finance Committee released its report recommending that all his tax changes should be scrapped. Instead, the Senate Committee recommended the government of Canada undertake an independent and comprehensive review of the tax system with the purpose of “reducing complexity, ensuring economic competitiveness and enhancing overall fairness.”

Can Anyone Prevent Trump From Ordering A Nuclear Strike? Not Really.
Image January 2, 2018 politics

It’s 2 a.m. President Donald Trump awakes to an alert on his phone. It’s another taunt from North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un, the latest in an escalating row of provocations. But Kim’s gone too far this time. A retaliatory tweet just won’t cut it.

Automatic Tax Increases Are Ontario Politicians' Favourite New Year's Tradition
Image January 1, 2018 politics

A new year in Ontario always comes with a few predictable staples: fireworks, champagne, a countdown to midnight, and petty increases to taxes and regulatory fees by the provincial government.

Trump Lawyer Sends Cease-And-Desist Letter To Steve Bannon
January 1, 2018 politics

A lawyer for President Donald Trump sent a cease-and-desist letter to Steve Bannon on Wednesday after the former White House chief strategist’s incendiary comments about the Trump presidency were revealed in a forthcoming book.

Donald Trump Responds To Steve Bannon Bombshell: 'He Lost His Mind'
December 31, 2017 politics

President Donald Trump on Wednesday offered a fiery response to bombshell reports that Steve Bannon, his former chief strategist, had accused the president of meeting with Russian operatives after Donald Trump Jr.’s meeting with them at Trump Tower in June 2016.

Why Canada Should Recognize The Kurdish Genocide
Image December 31, 2017 politics

In the September 2017 referendum, Iraqi Kurds voted 92 per cent in favor of transforming their semi-autonomous region in northern Iraq, often called Iraqi Kurdistan, into a sovereign nation. Although the referendum failed to yield immediate results, it sends a signal to the central government of Iraq and the international community that Iraqi Kurdistan will seek to secede.

Donald Trump Taunts Kim Jong Un: My Nuclear Button Is 'Bigger'
December 31, 2017 politics

President Donald Trump again challenged North Korean leader Kim Jong Un on Tuesday, boasting that the United States’ nuclear capabilities are “more powerful” than North Korea’s.