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Suburban Express responds to Madigan's subpoena over controversial ad
Image January 3, 2018 bussiness

CHAMPAIGN — Suburban Express has replied to a subpoena from the Illinois Attorney General following complaints about an ad many saw as racist.

McDonald's testing fresh beef in new Archburger
Image January 3, 2018 bussiness

NEW YORK (AP) — McDonald’s is testing the use of fresh beef in another burger, the latest move by the fast-food chain to swap out frozen beef as it seeks to improve its image.

B&Bs hope to cash in Piatt County
Image January 2, 2018 bussiness

MONTICELLO — A pair of century-old Piatt County homes could open their doors for the bed-and-breakfast crowd in the coming months after getting the all-clear from separate zoning boards.

Today's Special: Stango Cuisine's African fare to help hospital there
Image December 31, 2017 bussiness

URBANA — A restaurant opening next month at Lincoln Square not only will feature food from Africa but also will ship proceeds to support a hospital on that continent.

Champaign's II-VI EpiWorks keeps on growing
Image December 31, 2017 bussiness

CHAMPAIGN — On the outskirts of town sits one of the area’s fastest growing companies.II-VI EpiWorks, which makes epitaxial semiconductor wafers that are used in everything from cellphones to data centers, doubled in size this year, growing from about 50 employees at the beginning of the year to about 100.

Several lawsuits over 'natural' claims on cigarettes to proceed
Image December 30, 2017 bussiness

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (AP) — A U.S. judge in New Mexico has dismissed more than two dozen complaints against the maker of American Spirit cigarettes but is allowing others to move forward over a line of tobacco touted as natural.

C-U's Airbnb hosts raked in $925,000 in 2017
Image December 30, 2017 bussiness

URBANA — Renita Pinto has had international experiences without leaving Urbana, thanks to renting out a room on Airbnb to people from China and Indonesia. Traveling photographer Charles “Stretch” Ledford has also had the world come to him.

November's jobs, housing reports mostly good for the area
Image December 29, 2017 bussiness

Thursday brought a double dose of local economic news, with the release of long-awaited monthly reports on housing and the job market. Here are the highlights, courtesy Editor Jeff D’Alessio:

Apple apologizes for slowing down old iPhones, cuts battery prices
Image December 29, 2017 bussiness

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Apple is apologizing for secretly slowing down older iPhones, which it said was necessary to avoid unexpected shutdowns related to battery fatigue. Many customers had interpreted the move as a way to juice demand for newer models.

Vermilion Valley Produce hopes to have expansion done by March
Image December 28, 2017 bussiness

DANVILLE — The expansion of Vermilion Valley Produce is underway with hopes of finishing the $375,000 project by the end of February.