Just Askin': Abandoned cars
January 29, 2018 bussiness
Just Askin': Abandoned cars

Photo by: Provided by Illinois State Police
An example of the stickers placed on abandoned cars on interstate highways.

Just Askin': Abandoned cars Just Askin': Abandoned cars Just Askin': Abandoned cars

Q: How long will an abandoned car sit along the side of an interstate highway?

A: It varies, but usually no more than two hours.

“Typically if a vehicle is left abandoned on the Interstate, they’re given two hours to remove the vehicle. That’s what our policy is,” said state trooper Tracy Lillard. “That allows the owner to make arrangements.”

When a trooper sees a vehicle along the side of the road, they’ll check to see if it’s a stolen vehicle or if anyone is in it. If it appears to be abandoned, they’ll tag it with a yellow abandoned vehicle sticker.

If it’s still there after two hours, the state police will arrange for it to be towed.

However, that length can vary. If it’s partially blocking the road, then it will be towed immediately. And if troopers are busy, it could take longer.”Many times where we leave the vehicle over a day, it’s just because of higher priorities, crashes and things like that,” Lillard said.

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